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For a complete listing of Show Information, please visit the USRC website, Show Info page.

·        Documents.  The dog’s original registration, hip certification (when applicable) and support documents for all accomplishments and titles MUST be available at the show for inspection at the time of the class.  Also, copies of support documents for all accomplishments and titles must be sent with any entry for the Champion, Working and Sieger classes.  If the required information appears on the USRC Registration Certificate, it may be accepted as proof of titles earned and hip certification. 

·        Once a dog is eligible for the Champion, Working or Sieger/Siegerin classes, it may not be entered in the Open class. 

·        Tails.  Dogs born in countries where docking is forbidden by law shall be shown with the tail left in its natural state.  This rule is effective for all dogs born after June 1, 1999.  There shall be no preference for dogs with docked tails or for dogs with natural tails.  If a dog is presented at the show and has a tail which has been cut in violation of these rules, the dog will not be allowed to be shown. 

·        Teeth.  No dogs with missing teeth will be allowed to be shown.  Broken teeth, still visible in the mouth, will be evaluated at the judge’s discretion. 

·        The judge’s decision is final.  No appeals are possible. 

·        Dog registration with USRC is not required for this show.  (Registration is only required for certain classes at the national and regional Sieger shows.)  If you wish to register your dog with USRC, applications will be available from the Show Secretary on the day of the show. 

·        You need not be a member of USRC to enter this show.  If you wish to become a member, applications will be available from the Show Secretary on the day of the show. 

·        If a valid hip certification is not provided on the entry form for dogs over 24 months, the number 0 (zero) will be printed in the hip rating section for this entry. 

·        This is a German-style conformation show.  Each dog evaluated will receive a written critique.  Dogs are shown in a natural stance; no hand stacking.  Food baiting is not allowed in the ring.  Double handling is encouraged, at the judge’s discretion.  Adult dogs will be moved long enough to thoroughly evaluate classes.  Handlers may change as needed. 

·        USRC rules limit entries to 60 dogs per judge, per day, or 45 dogs when a BST is held on the same day.



Puppy Classes:  4 to12 months  

      4-6  Months Male/Female                     

      6-9  Months Male/Female     

      9-12 Months Male/Female


Youth Classes:  12 to 24 months


    12-18 Months Male/Female

    18-24 Months Male/Female


Adult Classes:  over 24 months


Open Class - Has not earned a working or conformation title.


Champion Class - Any champion of record from a country whose Championship was awarded by an FCI recognized kennel club.  This includes, but is not limited to, AKC, CKC and International FCI Champions.


Working Class - Has earned a Schutzhund or IPO title.

Sieger/Siegerin Class - Has earned a Sieger/Siegerin title from a USRC National or Regional show, the World, Europa, Bundesieger or ADRK Klub Sieger Show.

Veteran Class - 7 years of age or older on the day of the show.

Non-Regular Classes

Brood Bitch/Stud Dog - Entered by the owner of the brood bitch/stud dog.  Must have a USRC recognized Breed Test and have been 24 months of age at the time of breeding.  The brood bitch/stud dog and at least two offspring must appear in the ring.  The class is evaluated on the merits of the offspring.  Offspring must also be entered in the regular classes.  Owner of the brood bitch/stud dog need not be owner of the offspring.  Written critiques are not given.

Kennel Group - Entered by the kennel owner.  Three or more dogs bred by the kennel owner and registered with the kennel name of the entrant.  All dogs must also be entered in the regular classes.  The kennel owner need not be owner of all the dogs.  Written critiques are not given.




Puppy Classes (Up to 12 months)           

VP       Very Promising

P          Promising

S          Satisfactory

NP       Not Promising


Youth Classes (12 to 24 months)


SG        Very Good

G          Good

B          Satisfactory

U          Unsatisfactory

Adult Classes (Open, Champion, Working, Veteran and Sieger/Siegerin)

V            Excellent

SG          Very Good

G            Good

B            Satisfactory

U            Unsatisfactory